Pulau Muara Besar Bridge - Brunei

Pulau Muara Besar Bridge - Brunei


The Pulau Maura Besar Bridge is a four lane sea-crossing bridge which connects the island of Pulau Muara Besar to the Brunei mainland. The construction of this sea bridge over the Brunei Bay was started in 2015 and took about three years to be completed. The project was eventually delivered in May 2018 by the China Harbour Engineering Company.

This bridge now allows for a smooth access to this industrially very important island, which plays a huge role in the oil and gas industry of the country.


The specifications of this project

The bridge measures a total of about 2,68 kms long and 23 meters wide, making a grand total of 59.000 m2 of road surface! This bridge deck was waterproofed through the use of Matacryl WPM by RPM Belgium Vandex in as little as 21 days time, limited to about 8 hours a night, due to heavy weather conditions in the area.


All of this means that our staff had to finish about 2.000 m2 a night. A daring piece of work



The heavy climatic conditions

Brunei is a small country in South East Asia. This area is notorious for its unforgivingly hot and humid weather. The weather conditions were all but ideal. Extremely high temperatures, unseen humidity and torrential rain put our staff to the test.


On top of this, the Brunei strait is an extremely windy place, meaning we couldn’t apply the waterproofing through spraying equipment. This is why we make sure all RPM solutions allow for more than one application method. Hence all layers of this bridge deck were applied manually.


The high temperatures, together with the fast drying of our Puma-technology, enabled the continuous application of all system layers.


Elaborate testing phase


RPM Belgium Vandex stood out from the competition during the preliminary on-site tests. Our Matacryl WPM system showed the best results in these elaborate testing phase, which would determine the applicator of the concrete bridge deck.


Our quick way of working, flexible application methodes and the versatility of our solutions eventually were the deciding factors.






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