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Animal Friendly & Stables

Animal Friendly & Stables

Animals tend to panic when they slip or slide over a floor surface. That is why our non-slip flooring solutions are highly recommended for use in the cattle handling industry. A certain degree of softness on the floor provides a confident and comfortable footing and is extremely durable in comparison to a regular concrete floor.  

Our floor systems were developed specifically for this area of application based on many years of experience. Today they meet all requirements in terms of hygiene, accident protection and aesthetics and offer the highest level of mechanical and chemical resilience.  

A specific animal friendly solution for angulats is the Monopur® CF floor, a polyurethane floor with rubber granulates. It is typically installed in milking parlors or carrousels combined with the fast curing Duracon® MMA floor for minimal downtime an early resumption of the milking process. The Monopur® CF floor is also used for horse and other angulat stables, or even animal enclosures in zoo’s or animal farms.

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