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ESD & Conductive Floors

ESD & Conductive Floors

The function of an ESD Antistatic Floor or a Conductive Floor is to quickly and reliably leading off any charges on personnel and objects through the floor to earth potential. The ESD Floors avoid damage of components sensitive to electrostatic discharges, and the Conductive Floors avoid explosion risks of combustible liquid, explosive atmosphere through gasses or vapours, combustible dust, or other explosive materials.  

ESD Floors are applicable to protect electronic components and to be used in clean rooms, while Conductive Floors have a larger application range: clean, rooms, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, munitions/defense/military installations, energy producing products (airbags, gases), dry goods milling operations, printing plants, and any process susceptible to damage by ignition.   

RPM BELGIUM VANDEX offers ESD and Conductive systems based on Monepox® (AQ) epoxies, Monopur Industry® PU-concrete, or both and can be sealed with an aliphatic PU. The systems are tested according to EN 1081, IEC 61340-4-1, and IEC 61340-4-5.

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