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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

RPM BELGIUM VANDEX provides different possibilities of floor coverings that can meet all the rigorous requirements in all areas of the food and beverage industries. Knowing the needs of your business is the key to choosing the floor that fits your needs. The combination of our wide range of products, years of expertise and flexibility helps us to offer the best solution for every flooring challenge.

Food manufacturing environments are exposed to a wide variety of corrosive by-products and contaminants including fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions and natural food acids and need high chemical resistant and slip resistant coatings. Often the mechanical loads can be high, or there are other important physical properties such as the dry hot or cold temperature resistance and warm water resistance.

To avoid uncontrolled bacterial growth between cleaning cycles and putting the site at risk of contamination incidents, hygienic solutions that meet HACCP criteria are also available.

Many of our products meet as well environmental, low VOC emission criteria: Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification, French VOC label (class A+), Germany certification (AgBB/ABG), Finisch certification (M1), …


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