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Waterproofing Buildings

Waterproofing Buildings

RPM BELGIUM VANDEX produces and supplies waterproofing solutions for almost all of building construction parts, from the roof until below grade structures.

All types of building should be waterproofed to obtain a sustainable building. Not the least multistorey car parks are subject to many types of structural degradation when not protected, resulting in multitude of maintenance costs and possible stability problems.

Most of the solutions in this range are liquid applied resins that after curing result into high performing plastics or polymers. They make the difference over other technologies in the combination of: performance, durability, weathering resistance, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, light weight and design flexibility, easiness of application.


For the waterproofing of buildings and infrastructure, RPM BELGIUM VANDEX developed the PUMA technology, or a membrane based on PU-modified MMA. PUMA technology combines the flexibility and crack bridging of PU with the main properties that distinguish MMAs from conventional resin-based systems, such as fast curing and excellent workability even at very low temperatures, abrasion resistance, UV resistance and long life. The PUMA membrane may or may not be combined with MMA layers, depending on the application and requirements.

Even after application at -20 ° C, the PUMA membrane retains its superior crack-bridging properties and the system is fully hardened, rain-resistant, loadable and trafficable within the hour after application. This means that combined PUMA and MMA systems can be used throughout the year, the downtime or interruption of activities or the waiting time between consecutive phases is very small, and it is possible to start up quickly, which significantly reduces costs for users or owners. limited.

The PUMA systems are cold applied, avoiding time loss by heating products. As well manual application with simple tools can be used as spray application with the right spraying equipment. The curing times are adjustable to the ambient temperature and the conditions on the site.

The Systems are applicable to almost any surface, such as concrete, steel, metals, asphalt, wood, or composite materials, with excellent adhesion properties.

From long bridges and waterproofing to industrial flooring