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Pool Decks

Pool Decks

RPM BELGIUM VANDEX offers Duracon® Methyl methacrylate systems and Hermapur® aliphatic polyurethane stone carpet resins for pool decks floors.  

The Duracon® MMA floor allows a fast application even at low temperatures and results in a durable finish with excellent chemical, wearing and slip resistance, even for heavily pedestrian & light vehicles trafficked pool deck areas.  

Hermapur® Stone carpets fix aggregates with aliphatic PU resin chosen for its excellent properties on the UV stability. The open voids in the surface structure avoids standing water and slippery areas on the pool deck, and provides a pleasant sensation and cosy feeling when walking barefoot.  

Both seamless floors allow highly decorative flooring solution with the design freedom to integrate multicolored patterns, logos, designs, drawings and inserts.

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